STX Cables

STX Cables are STJ cables that come with an extruded FEP jacket. They are general purpose cables for high temperature applications. These cables come with M16878/4 inner conductors, a silver coated copper braided shield, and an extruded FEP jacket. These cables are rated to 200C applications.

For the version of STJ cables with a PTFE wrapped jacket instead of an extruded FEP jacket, go to our STJ cables >

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Part NumberNo. of Cond.AWG SizeConductor StrandingNom. Insul. Thick. (in)Nom. O.D. of Cable (in)Approx LBS/MFT
2 COND 30E7 SHLD FEP2307/380.0100.1079.00
1 COND 24E19 SHLD FEP12419/360.0100.0867.00
2 COND 24E19 SHLD FEP22419/360.0100.1180.00
3 COND 24E19 SHLD FEP32419/360.0100.1270.00
4 COND 24E19 SHLD FEP42419/360.0100.1380.00
1 COND 22E19 SHLD FEP12219/340.0100.0920.00
2 COND 22E19 SHLD FEP22219/340.0100.1320.00
3 COND 22E19 SHLD FEP32219/340.0100.1380.00
4 COND 22E19 SHLD FEP42219/340.0100.1530.00
1 COND 20E19 SHLD FEP12019/320.0100.10011.00
2 COND 20E19 SHLD FEP22019/320.0100.1500.00
3 COND 20E19 SHLD FEP32019/320.0100.1560.00
4 COND 20E19 SHLD FEP42019/320.0100.1800.00
1 COND 18E19 SHLD FEP11819/300.0100.1020.00
2 COND 18E19 SHLD FEP21819/300.0100.1760.00
3 COND 18E19 SHLD FEP31819/300.0100.1870.00
4 COND 18E19 SHLD FEP41819/300.0100.2050.00
1 COND 16E19 SHLD FEP11619/290.0100.1090.00
2 COND 16E19 SHLD FEP21619/290.0100.1900.00
3 COND 16E19 SHLD FEP31619/290.0100.2020.00
4 COND 16E19 SHLD FEP41619/290.0100.2220.00
1 COND 14E19 SHLD FEP11419/270.0100.1240.00
2 COND 14E19 SHLD FEP21419/270.0100.2200.00
3 COND 14E19 SHLD FEP31419/270.0100.2350.00
4 COND 14E19 SHLD FEP41419/270.0100.2580.00
1 COND 12E19 SHLD FEP11219/250.0100.1450.00
2 COND 12E19 SHLD FEP21219/250.0100.2620.00

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