The technology for wire and cable products used in the Aerospace Wire and Cable market has been stagnant for many years.  With the introduction of NXGN200™ from Marmon Aerospace and Defense that is about to change.  NXGN200 is a High Performance, Lightweight and Normal weight, Seamless, Wire with Temperature Rating: -65⁰C to 150⁰C (Tin Coated), 200⁰C (Silver or Nickel Coated).  It is the equivalent of a seamless wire that is actually extruded.  This new technology offers more flexibility at a lower cost.

The NXGN200 is lighter in weight than any current wire, and more economical than tape wrap construction. The product is insulated in two and three layer systems, for use as a component or hookup wire in Aerospace and Military applications. The inner or middle layers are a modified high temperature material which has excellent high temperature mechanical and electrical performance.   It has been modified to produce elongations over one hundred percent elongation. It is very light weight, and highly resistant to radiation. The outer layer in both systems is a modified irradiation cross-linked ETFE, a polymer well known for many years of use and performance in aircraft and space applications.

The ETFE used in these products has been modified to include LoFlo™ technology thus eliminating concerns with storage due to fluoride outgassing. The unique properties of these materials when combined yield outstanding thermal, mechanical, chemical, and electrical performance.

The NXGN200 also offers many other tangible benefits.  Since the product is extruded, lead times are much shorter and there is never any concern with tape edges tearing during installation.  The specific gravity of the construction is lower than other typical aerospace wire providing for further weight savings.

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