The process of sourcing a custom military cable does not have to be a laborious process.  If you need to combine a number of cables into one cable for easier installation or require custom print legend or color match jacket, you are an excellent candidate to use a custom military cable.

Creating a custom cable allows the designer to have control over conductor counts, AWG sizes, color codes, tolerances, insulation and jacket materials, shielding and print legends. Special designs also allow for the adjustment of overall diameters so that the cable will fit in existing ancillary components like grips, connectors, and grommets. Moreover, custom cables make it easier to ensure that inferior cables that does not meet mil-spec QPL standards are not substituted.

You need to understand that many different types of cables can be made with a custom design. The following information is just some things to keep in mind when creating a custom cable.

First, there are a number of conductor choices. The conductor sizes available are between 30awg to 4/0 and it is possible to have up to 85 conductors. Using wire as small as 40awg is possible, but be very careful selecting a qualified manufacturer with the correct experience.  Conductor types include tinned copper, silver, and nickel coated copper (used for high temperature cables). Conductors are also available in either stranded or solid constructions.  Understand you need more stranding for flexible cables.

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