Inventory Management


SMI – SEA Managed Inventory

SEA Managed Inventory programs create a win-win solution for both supplier and customer. An SMI system ensures no stock outs, provides firm pricing, reduces inventory, and establishes a streamlined supply chain. By setting up an in-house store, consigned inventory can be maintained between established minimum and maximum levels with emergency stock available from SEA’s 85,000 foot facility. All of the products in the customer’s consigned in-house store are backed by SEA’s AS9100 rev C quality system and dedicated personnel for your transactions. Products are labeled and SEA provides all the hardware and IT support to record pulls from the consigned inventory, automatically replenish inventory, and electronically invoice. Using this system, stock levels are continuously tracked and replenished according to min/Max levels and forecast data.

You benefit from immediate access to high moving inventory, no stock outs, firm pricing, free freight, reduced transactions. The overall savings to customers can be in excess of 15% of material spend.

Just-In-Time Inventory Programs

Eliminate sources of manufacturing waste by receiving the right part in the right place at the right time. Eliminate waste that results from any activity that adds cost without adding value, such as moving and storing to establish flow processes. By linking work centers so that there is an even, balanced flow of materials throughout the entire production process, SEA can reduce your costs and enhance the throughput of your manufacturing facility.

Vendor-Managed Solutions

SEA offers several options for transfer of ownership models to make sure you always have the right products on the shelf.

  • Pay as sold (real-time)
  • Pay as sold during a pre-defined period
  • Ownership changes after a pre-defined period
  • Order-to-order consignment (when next consignment order is placed, previous is billed)

Custom Spools and Packaging