SAE AS22759/46 (M22759/46)

Recommended Use:   

This lightweight, high temperature airframe and avionics wires utilize an insulation of cross-linked, modified ethylene tetrafluoreothylene copolymer (ETFE). The insulation resists high PH cleaning fluids, fuels, lubricating oils, and many other chemicals. The wires can withstand temperature test extremes ranging from cold bend (-65°C) through aging (300°C) for 7 hours. These wires are a mechanically tough, flame retardant and weight saving solution to many aerospace applications.

Conductor: Nickel Coated High Stength Copper Alloy

Insulation: XL-ETFE

Voltage Rating: 600

Temperature Rating: 200º C

PartAWGStrandingODMinODMaxWeight (lbs/1000 ft)
M22759/1-22-X (X denotes color options as listed below):
Color Options: 0 = Black, 1 = Brown, 2 = Red, 3 = Orange, 4 = Yellow, 5 = Green, 6 = Blue, 7 = Violet, 8 = Gray, 9 = White
This specification can also be custom color coded with stripes.