M32628/01 Next Generation Spring Band

The Next Generation Spring Band is Here. Introducing the Isodyne ISOTDS (M32628/01) Tri-Dent Spring Band.

Benefits of Tri-Dent Feature

  • No Calibrated Tools
  • Cost Reduction
  • Reusable
  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Easily Identify End of Spring Band

Current termination steel bands (M85049/128-X) are cumbersome, take too much time, and require multiple specialized tools to install. Tri-Dent installation is tool-less.

ISOTDS M32628/01 spring bands are intended to be used with M85049/82 through /90 connector backshells in accordance with  SAE AS85049/82 through SAE AS85049/90. These spring bands are an alternate for the M85049/128 shield band in accordance with SAE 85049/128. In addition, the ISOTDS M32628/01 spring bands include Tri-Dents to aid in installation of the spring band on the connector backshell.

Example of a Part or Identification Number (PIN):

Spring band part number compatible with M85049/82 through /90 backshells. Installation of the spring band on the backshells shown in this table have been validated. Using the spring band on other backshells or accessories may not provide the specified performance requirements of M32628/01 spring bands.

ISOTDS Series (M32628/01) to SAE AS85049/82 to /90 backshell compatibility.

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