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Wire and Cableparts1

Under one roof, SEA maintains a huge inventory in wire and cable in sizes and insulations required to meet rigid governmental and industry specifications.


Custom Wire and Cable

At SEA, we help engineers specify the most efficient, cost-effective wire, cable or tubing — whether custom or off- the -shelf — offering alternatives that can result in cost savings while meeting or exceeding design specifications.


parts2Heat-Shrinkable Products

To meet the most demanding environmental conditions, SEA offers tubing with a variety of insulations as well as heat-shrinkable termination devices, molded shapes and cut and marked pieces.

Value-Added Processing

For quantities of 1000 feet, or as large as your greatest requirements, SEA offers fast turnaround for striping, printing and custom twisting and can meet UL and CSA standards as well as military specifications.

Cable Tie Products

SEA offers cable ties and accessories in lengths from 3" to 48" to meet a variety of bundling and tying applications.

Fiber Optics

SEA specializes in fiber optics for computer LANs and other applications. We work with your engineers to help design composite cables and special cable assemblies. SEA offers tight buffer and loose tube construction as well as plenum.

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